1952 Rollfast Hopalong Cassidy Velocipede Tricycle



This Hopalong Cassidy Boy’s bicycle with 24″ wheels was aimed at older teenagers and was the original Cowboy Model. It came with a Hopalong Cassidy holster set mounted on the tank with matching pistols; ‘long-horn’ handlebars that ‘look like real steers horns’ with streamers on the grips; studded fenders (mudguards); a tank with medallions; a fringe around the rear carrier; and chrome hubcaps.

After the success of the 20″ and 24″ Cowboy bicycle models introduced in the spring of 1950, the company also produced a 26″ wheel adult size model, which did not feature the pistol and holster set, as well as a children’s 16″ model and velocipede tricycle.

These days, it may be hard to imagine teenagers wanting to ride a themed ‘character bike.’ But in the early fifties this idea was extremely popular, and the Hopalong Cassidy 24″ Boy’s Cowboy Model, made by the well-known and reputable Rollfast company, was the most successful bicycle of its kind. Such was its success that in the sixties manufacturers studied Rollfast’s Hopalong Cassidy publicity campaign and copied the idea of a bicycle with distinct style for teenagers to launch bikes such as the Chopper and the BMX.


velocipede hopalong cassidy magazine 5 copy

hopalong_cassidy_cowboy bicycle

1952 Rollfast Hopalong Cassidy Velocipede Tricycle



hopalong cassidy velocipede



hopalong_cassidy_cowboy bicycle





Below you can see Hollywood movie star William Boyd, who played the character Hopalong Cassidy, with the president of Rollfast cycles at the launch of the new ‘Hoppy’ bicycle.


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hopalong_cassidy_cowboy bicycle




hopalong_cassidy_cowboy bicycle


hoppy banner

A Hopalong Cassidy Cowboy bicycle is a great bicycle to exhibit at shows. Everyone has heard the name Hopalong Cassidy even if they can’t immediately place the actual character. When I was growing up, if someone had a limp or a bad leg someone would always joke that they were ‘hopalong cassidy.’ William Boyd, who played the character, was the first film star to endorse so much merchandise. I own the items above and below: a Hopalong Cassidy banner (2′ 6″ long), Timex watch, View Master reel of a Hopalong Cassidy story, and a View Master viewer on which to view it; these are all ideal to accompany a bicycle display. But there are dozens of other fifties items you can buy cheaply to build an exhibit, including film posters, books, magazines, badges, and all sorts of cartons of products that he endorsed.





1950s view master



But there are dozens of other Hoppy items available to purchase, such as his film posters…


hoppy film poster


Board games…

hoppy game 1950s 1




Pop-up books…

hoppy pop-up book 1950s





Sheriffs badges…



and much more.

HOPALONG CASSIDY cowboy outfit


hopalong_cassidy_cowboy bicycle





hopalong_cassidy_cowboy bicycle

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hopalong_cassidy_cowboy bicycle