1950s Hopalong Cassidy ‘Topper’ Rocking Horse (Rich Toys Inc)



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1915 Rich Toys Inc. Was founded by M.E. and E.M. Rich.
The first toys were wagon toys like horse-drawn pull toys without mechanics.
After 1931 most of the wagons had some sorts of mechanical motion build in. This movement was limited to the legs, enabling a “galloping” motion by an off-center axle combined with two small wheels.
The company became a a market-leader in the manufacturing of wooden toys of high quality.
In the 1930’s, the Rich-Illinois Co. Was dissolved with the Rich Manufacturing Co. And moved their entire toy manufacturing business to Clinton, in Iowa. 
Toys found with the markling: Clinton, Iowa can be identified as being made in 1935 or later. The company’s name was again changed to Rich Toys Inc. Rich remained on the toy market until WWII, after which traces of the company were lost. They produced toys in Clinton, Iowa until 1954 when they moved to Tupelo, Mississippi. There, Rich Toys continued making toys until 1962, but when a flood destroyed their factory in that year, they closed the doors.

Russ Conway brought out ‘Rocking Horse Cowboy’ in 1960, reflecting every boy’s dream to have a horse to ride on when he put on his cowboy outfit.

1950s Hopalong Cassidy 'Topper' Rocking Horse (Rich Toys Inc) 5

1950s Hopalong Cassidy ‘Topper’ Rocking Horse

Made by Rich Toys Inc


WIDTH: 11″




1950s Hopalong Cassidy 'Topper' Rocking Horse (Rich Toys Inc) 5




1950s Hopalong Cassidy 'Topper' Rocking Horse (Rich Toys Inc) 5


Geo SCHMIDT MFG Co, Los Angeles, Ca

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George Schmidt Manufacturing Company, located at 716 East 14th Street, Los Angeles, California, had a short and successful run making Cap Guns. The company existed from around 1949 until the early 1960s.




1950s Hopalong Cassidy 'Topper' Rocking Horse (Rich Toys Inc) 5

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