1950s Triang Junior Tandem Tricycle


quadrant tandem tricycle

Tandem tricycles were popular in the early years of cycling. The example above is a Quadrant from around 1886. Below you can see William & Mary Hooper on their tandem tricycle in 1897. After 1900, due their high cost, they were only made to special order by cycle companies, though the James Cycle Co brought out a production model for a short time in the 1930s that they called the ‘Superlux.’

One of the interesting things about juvenile bicycles and tricycles is that companies continued to make models that were already obsolete in adult size. The juvenile tandem tricycle is a perfect example of this.

6-82b-1 Cromwell Street William & Mary Hooper on tandem Portrait 1897 copy

1950s Triang Junior Tandem Tricycle



WIDTH: 19″


There don’t appear to be many surviving Triang Junior tandem tricycles. This example came from a museum in Devon that closed down.





IMG_0169 copy











1914 autowheel tandem trike