1903 Sunbeam Ladies’ Model




1903 Ladies Sunbeam 04

1903  Sunbeam Ladies’ Model

25″ Frame

28″ Wheels

Brooks ‘B18 Lady’s Model’ Saddle

Sunbeam Patent Front Rim Brake with Revolving Lever

Sunbeam Patent Back Pedal Rim Brake

Frame No 56174

This 1903 Sunbeam is an interesting example because it is not fitted with the company’s much advertised oil bath chaincase. It was actually Sunbeam’s budget model, and was not given prominence in their catalogues.

This machine has been in storage for the past 30 years. It is believed to have been restored in the 1970s, when the handlebar appears to have been rechromed; its chrome is peeling. The fork tips and chainset are either nickel or chrome and are in good condition. Its Brooks B18 Lady’s Saddle is also in good condition. I’ll advertise this rare early Sunbeam for sale. On sale, I’ll fit new tyres and tubes, so it will be ready to ride.












































As well as their factory and HQ, the company had their main retail shops in London, at Sloane St and Holborn Viaduct. Their regional cycle depots in 1903 were in Manchester, Edinburgh, Bournemouth and Brighton.

Brighton’s Sunbeam cycle depot, at 95 Western Rd, Hove, is now a restaurant (below)