1901 Albaugh Dover ‘Victor’


1901 Albaugh Dover ‘Victor’

Road Racing Machine

with 10 inch, 30 tooth sprocket

Fixed Wheel

Wooden rims with Chain Tread tyres

24″ Frame

28″ Wheels

(Now sold)

The Overman company was a major manufacturer in the early years of the American cycle industry. But they went out of business in 1899, at the end of the ‘bicycle boom’. I’m not sure if Albaugh Dover purchased the rights to the Victor name for their line of bicycles, or just used it anyway: there is no information available about this rare bicycle. But it’s interesting historically to see a continuation of the Victor name after the demise of the original company.

This machine is a fixed wheel racer with wooden rims and original ‘chain tread’ tubeless tyres; the tyres remain inflated, though one edge of one of the tyres needs to be kneaded into shape because it has flattened due to the many years of storage of this bicycle.





The Albaugh-Dover plant was located on the Burlington railroad line in Chicago. This company not only manufactured and distributed the Aldo automobile but also furniture, gears, cream separtors and washing machines, and a line of Albaugh-Dover tractors.

Albaugh Bros & Dover Co was a large company that built automobiles in the formative years of the industry, among many other products. They produced comprehensive catalogues. Their 1906 catalogue included:

Stock & Poultry Food and Remedies, Baskets, Mirrors, Medicinal Rubber Goods, Purses, Pocket watches, Jewelry, Guns, Reloading tools for ammunition, Baseball and Sports items, Sterling Automobiles and Sterling Star Motorcycle, Victor Bicycle, Telephones, Pianos and other music instruments, platform scales and others, safes, Forges, Tools, Cast Iron Ranges and stoves, Cookware, Dairy Supplies, Ideal Milk Jars or bottle, Steam Whistles, Bee Keepers Supplies, Horse Drawn Implements, Victorian Clothing, Silver Plated Ware, Horse drawn wagons, Buggies and supplies, Baby Buggies and Strollers, Furniture, Crockery, China, Glassware, Lamps, Shoes, Cameras, Pyrography Items, Books, Toys.

Their ‘Aldo’ car was built in 1910, but production stopped after only one year, and they then focussed mostly on building tractors. Their ‘Square-Trun’ tractor was made in various sizes, and with the third small wheel either at the front or rear.






























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