1949 Fratelli Vianzone Wooden Bicycle


1949 Fratelli Vianzone Wooden Bicycle

Made in Turin, Italy

23″ Frame

26″ Wheels

This bicycle was built using Acacia, ash and beech wood. The frame is built in one continuous strip of ash and beech. The seat stem is also made from Beech, and it has a Magistroni bottom bracket. The hollow spindle and bearings are contained in an aluminium shell bolted to the frame. The weight is 121 lbs.

My friend Julian restores classic cars, and he bought this bicycle from one of his customers who had it hanging in his garage for many years. Julian asked me to locate a suitable chainwheel for it, which I found in Italy. I ended up buying the bicycle. I took the photos at Julian’s garage next to the Bugatti he was working on.